Best Arabic SEO Services in the Middle East

Arabic SEO Services

Are you in need of Arabic SEO services to improve your online presence in the Arab world? Are you looking for a way to ensure that your website appears in the Middle East on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Do you want to reach the largest number of potential customers in the Middle East in their native language? You have come to the right place.

Kalemaatt  is a company that provides integrated digital marketing services and specializes in Arabic search engine optimization in the Middle East.

Arabic seo services to improve online visibility

How Arabic SEO services improve organic traffic:

  1. Content is king

    Our Arabic SEO services pay great attention to creating quality content that drives results and helps generate leads. Optimized content in Arabic is an essential part of a successful strategy aiming to target people in the Arabic-speaking world.

  2. Keyword research

    Before deciding what to write about, you need to understand what people want and what they search for. Knowing the queries and terms people use when searching for a product or a service will help you target your potential customers an data-based manner. This, in turn, saves you a lot of time and effort and reduces costs.

  3. Localization

    Arabic SEO services help companies communicate with their target audiences in a natural way. Localization is more that just a translation of a certain text. It aims to address the potential customers by focusing on their language, culture, social norms, and needs.

If you have any questions about improving your online presence in the Middle East, you can contact us immediately to find out how we can help you successfully promote your company in the Arab world. We are specialized in providing Arabic SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is both a promotional method and art that helps websites and pages to stand out from the competition on search engine result pages for certain keywords.

Advantages of Arabic SEO

Arabic SEO Company
Arabic SEO Company

One of the main advantages of Arabic SEO is that there are few competitors in the Arabic language, and this has a number of reasons behind it. first, a lot of business owners have decided to focus more on social media, so they have not put a lot of time into their own websites. In general, there are a lot less Arabic writers out there who are writing content on the web.

Second, there tend to be fewer Arabic quantity-wise search engine optimizers, which, in turn, leads to lower quality content output. And because of those factors, it takes much less time to rank. If you know it’s going to take you a year or six months to rank for something in English, it’s probably going to take you half that time to rank in Arabic.

In general, there is a good chance to rank for certain keywords as there is less competition. You may be able to rank for something that nobody else is ranking for. This way, you will start getting traffic really quickly if you have some authority on your website.

How does Arabic SEO help you generate leads and drive more visitors to your business website?

Arabic SEO helps your Arabic language website to appear in the Arabic section of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is done by providing your pages and posts with targeted Arabic keywords related to your services or products, and with time they will occupy an advanced spot on the first page of Google search results.

This will increase the number visitors to your website when they click on the link shown in the search results. This means that more people are going to take action if the content and services appeal to them. With a higher ranking on SERPs, you will definitely increase leads and conversions.

Main challenges facing Arabic SEO

The spread of illegal practices

Many SEO companies in the Middle East use black hat technologies, or in other words, illegal SEO techniques that infringe search engine policies.  Websites that use these technologies may be blocked and punished search engines, they also risk being removed from search result pages.

Given the fact that most Middle Eastern companies operate with a very small budget, the resort to illegal SEO techniques that infringe the policies of Google and other search engines has become commonplace. That is why it is important that you choose your SEO service provider carefully to avoid punishments against your website from search engines in the Middle East.

ِِArab search behavior

The search behavior of a resident of the Middle East differs greatly from that of other areas in the world. If a company does not understand that difference in this geographical area, it may miss lucrative marketing chances, or it may target the wrong audience or use ineffective keywords.

Low-quality Arabic content

One of the other challenges facing Arabic SEO is the spread of unhelpful or low-quality Arabic content on the Internet. Because of this, some Arabs are accustomed to surfing the Internet differently from Europeans or Americans. Therefore, it’s highly important for businesses to create high-quality content that meets the different needs of Arab searchers.


Study your company and its competitors

Without knowing your company and its available services and products, no advertising campaign can succeed. So, all of our Arabic online marketing campaigns start with spending some time getting to know your company well. In addition, you need to be able to provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • What is your company identity?
  • Which values ​​does your company pursue?
  • What is your company culture?
  • What makes your company different from other competitors?
  • Why do you think that your company deserves to be featured on the search engines with certain Arabic keywords?

All the previous questions help us to get to know your company more and thus prepare a suitable electronic marketing plan for your website in the Middle East and North Africa.

Choosing the right Keywords

Once we are able to adequately know your company, industry, and marketing goals, we move on to studying Arabic keywords. It is a delicate process that requires the use of a number of SEO tools to determine the most effective keywords that are capable of achieving the desired marketing goal on search engines.

Choosing the right keywords can make a big difference and turn a weak or medium marketing campaign into a successful and effective one, so we always strive to achieve this goal in the best possible way.

Link building strategy

Link building is one of the most powerful ways to highlight content in search engines, if not the most powerful method at all. Our ability to use Arabic links distinguishes us from our competitors in this area. While most of them continue to buy cheap, weak links, we believe that the successful use of this strategy begins with an in-depth examination of relevant websites.

The Arabic language and Arabic keyword research

Arabic SEO Services and Arabic keyword research are very necessary steps to building an effective marketing presence in the Arabic speaking world. We provide extensive SEO strategies which not limited to optimization, but expand to cover Arabic content strategies, comprehensive Arabic keyword research, keyword localization, and website audit to achieve the best results.

Different stages of an Arabic SEO process

SEO Analysis

This is the first step towards understanding the structure and performance of a certain website, and it helps decide the measures that should be taken to improve performance. This stage includes the following:

  • Conduct an extensive SEO analysis and audit to understand the website organic performance and identify the gaps and problems to fix.
  • use Google Search Console and review website and server settings
  • create an SEO strategy by defining the target consumer search behavior, target local markets and content strategy.
  • Run a keyword research for Arabic and other languages and review the final keyword list with stakeholders in order to meet the business needs and requirements.

SEO Optimization

This is the second stage of an Arabic SEO process. After an extensive analysis of a website, the following steps should be taken to improve online visibility and performance:

  • Develop unique meta tags for the different website pages and posts based on the targeted keywords
  • carry out On-Page optimization with customization of HTML tags, Alt Images, Subheadings
  • Improve the content quality by conducting a content copywriting, keywords implementation, distribution and density
  • Run website wide optimization by implementing on-site configurations including link structure, mobile optimization, minifying scripts, optimizing page load and snippets
  • Setup a Google My Business account with local addresses

SEO Management

This is the third stage of an Arabic SEO process, and it focuses on post-optimization strategies and enhancements through an in-depth analysis of results. This stage includes the following:

  • QA and post-optimization analysis to check the SEO quality and run further enhancements
  • Provide reposts on performance results and ranking improvements on search engine results pages SERPs
  • Create a content plan with recommendations and suggestions for content creation and effective keywords.

If you are looking for an Arabic SEO company to boost your rankings in the Arabic-speaking world, then you have come to the right place. Contact us and schedule a meeting to talk about your Arabic SEO strategy.