Top 6 Manufacturers of PVC Windows: Best PVC Windows Brands

Best PVC Windows

Best PVC Windows and brands: If you need to change your windows or you are choosing the profiles for your new house, in this article I am going to give you the list of my 10 best pvc profiles.

In the current market there are countless brands and profiles of windows, if you are already clear that what you want is to put pvc windows then you can see my selection of the 6 best.

Best Manufacturers of PVC Windows

Ecoven Plus

Ecoven plus is an exclusive profile that veka manufactures for one of our suppliers and which is distinguished by its current design and its phenomenal insulation, available in 70 and 82mm, it is a modern and high-tech profile.

Those from Ecoven also use top quality fittings and glass, so that the final product is a high-end window.


Afino-tech is weru’s premium profiles, modular and adaptable to all options, it is a prestigious and quality product.

The weak point of this pvc profile is its high price that is out of the tightest budgets.


Veka is a German multinational present throughout the world with an annual turnover of around 5,000 million Euros. It is one of the best German window brands.

It offers high-quality profiles and is being implemented more and more in Spain, specifically in our area of ​​Girona.

It is a very good value for money option, although you have to make sure that the manufacturer is trustworthy and is working with the best quality profiles in its catalog

Lately we are detecting manufacturers that do not have the appropriate technology for the manufacture of pvc windows, so the quality of the final product is not optimal.

Request the guarantees and certificates to verify that the manufacturer of your window is of the utmost seriousness.


Also recognized German brand with a volume of 450,000 tons per year, it is another of the most used options in the Spanish market where its extrusion plant opened in 1992.

It has a large number of options and profiles for practicable or sliding windows, shutter boxes and all their accessories.

It has a wide network of distributors and in the 1990s it was the most manufactured brand in Spain, although it has gradually lost its leadership.


Another large multinational manufacturer of windows, although in addition to pvc profiles it offers a wide range of products for construction. Here in Spain it is used to manufacture cheap windows, being a medium quality option.


Cortizo is a national aluminum extruder that has recently launched into the manufacture of PVC, taking advantage of the distribution network it has in aluminum windows. I would say that it is a modest and cheap window that still needs a lot of filming.

To select the best brand of windows, you not only need to choose the best profile. It is very important to select a good window fabricator and a good installer.

We all tend to be very clear about the importance of the profile manufacturer and the installer, but most overlook the window manufacturer.

Why is the window framer so important?

“The difference in quality of a window, even if it is of the same profile brand, can be abysmal, we can find windows that are marvelous or authentic dramas, depending only on the manufacturer that manufactured them.”

To understand the importance of the manufacturer we need to know how the manufacture of pvc windows works.

When we install new windows at home, three companies that collaborate are involved on most occasions, but they are independent companies. In some cases there are only two, we are going to break down the process so that you can understand it much better.

The manufacturer of the window profile.

It is in charge of designing systems and manufacturing the profiles, but it does not manufacture the windows, it distributes the profile bars in 6-meter format to the manufacturers. They are usually large multinationals that implement their personalized quality controls and usually have the best quality seals and certifications for their products.

The Developer of pvc windows.

It is the company that buys the profile bars and builds the windows, it does not manufacture the profile and does not depend directly on the brand of the profile, they are different companies.

As they are different companies, the manufacturer of the window does not have to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the profile and can establish its own manufacturing methods and its own quality controls. This means that each processor works independently and uses the material and accessories that seem best to him.

Another big difference that we can find between manufacturers is the technology they use to manufacture the window, from large factories with the latest technology of up to 15 million euros, which distribute windows even in several countries, to small local workshops that manually manufacture the windows. in an almost handmade way.

“In practice we will find windows with a profile, let’s take Veka as an example, which will be of the same profile series, but they will be manufactured in different ways and with different accessories, fittings, glass, flashings, shutter boxes, motors, etc. “

The window installer

It is the company that installs the window and is also independent from the other two, which is why it establishes its own work and quality criteria, in addition to selecting the products that it uses independently without following any type of protocol or guide established or by the manufacturer. of the window or by the manufacturer of the profile.

“At this point in the process, it is very well understood that there can be big differences depending on the installer and the final quality of the work can be very different depending on the installer that executes the job.” 

What should the best PVC window have?

Something that many people do not know is that the windows, apart from a good raw material, must be assembled by professionals so that they work correctly. For this reason it is recommended that you always go to professionals when carrying out an installation.

There are different brands of good quality PVC windows, but we could not talk about all of them, so we will give you some characteristics that the best PVC window must have so that you can buy it and install it in your home.

Characteristics of the best PVC window:

  • It must have the necessary measures for its correct installation.
  • It has to come from a well-known or reputable brand, to avoid wasting money, resources and time.
  • The profiles must be well designed, preferably choosing those made in Germany, since they are characterized by being leaders in PVC windows .
  • Reliability of the fittings, their correct installation and inviolability depend on it. 
  • The glass must have the manufacturer’s label, if they sell you a window without this label you may doubt its origin, also the glass used in PVC windows is different and must have certain parameters, such as thermal insulation.
  • A good window has to be easy to install, complicated installations or where parts of walls have to be destroyed do not go with recognized brands.
  • There are different types of PVC window manufacturers on the market, they can be German or from other countries, but we have selected for you the best, certified brands that satisfy demanding manufacturing requirements and the needs of users with every detail. Those indicated above cover all these specifications, being ideal for modernizing all spaces, making them a better place with comfort, safety and elegance. Without a doubt, you will obtain excellent quality PVC windows, adequate benefits at all prices.