Top 10 Movies For Kids 2023

movies for kids

Movies for kids: as a parent, it can be difficult to always find activities for children that are both entertaining and educational and have a positive message. If you need saving ideas for the next evening spent with the family, we have prepared some recommendations of children’s movies with subtitles , which will move you and make you laugh out loud.

From the latest comedies and animations, to see in the cinema, to recent or older online movies , each of them hides a magical universe. The funny characters and stories that capture the hearts of children teach them important lessons about good and evil, kindness and forgiveness, or how important it is to be yourself and follow your dreams.

But more than anything, the productions on our list are an invitation to dialogue and an opportunity to connect, to find out what your child thinks and feels. The following is a list of the top movies for kids:

The amazing Maurice

If you are looking for movies to watch with the family, which are equally entertaining for young children and adults, Motan Maurice’s Nettle is just what you need. The screening will surprise you from the first minutes with the carefully outlined characters, excellent quality images and clever lines. It is one of the best movies for kids.

Inspired by Terry Pratchett’s book of the same name, the film tells the story of Maurice, a mobster whose home is the streets, but who has his own unconventional ways of making money. To supplement his income, he concocts a perfect scam with his band of friendly and clever rats. In this adventure he is joined by a kid who doesn’t seem too smart at first glance, but also by Malicia, a girl obsessed with books and full of life.

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The savory humor of the film is due to the effervescent characters, who are voiced by famous actors such as Emilia Clarke, Hugh Laurie, Himesh Patel and David Thewlis. With a cast like that it’s no wonder that every joke and scene completes the picture of one of the best children’s movies this year. 

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The Adventures of Inspector Sun

This film is considered among the best movies for kids. In this animated film for children – a screening that instantly makes you think of Agatha Christie’s novels – we meet Sun, a spider recognized as the best inspector in the world of insects. 

Having finally caught his nemesis, Inspector Sun boards a plane bound for San Francisco. His journey is disrupted by a murder that takes place on the plane, the perpetrator of which is completely unknown. Thus, the spider inspector embarks on a real adventure to discover who is behind the tragic event that disturbs the tranquility of all the passengers.

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The screenplay manages to perfectly capture the mystery often found in detective novels, this time comprehensible to children. If your junior is also among the lovers of suspenseful movies where secrets and problems of logic animate charming characters, then this movie is worth watching as a family. 

To enjoy one of the most engaging films for young and old this year, The Adventures of Inspector Sun has something for everyone. Come see it at the cinema premiere!

The Super Mario Bros. Movies

The character who conquered the hearts of millions of children returns this time in an exceptional screening that also bears his name, namely The Super Mario Bros. Movies . After numerous postponements and shifts in the date when the film will be released, the cute Mario will finally be able to be watched on the big screens. 

Together with his brother Luigi, Mario embarks on a fascinating adventure to save the world and Princess Peach from the wrath of Bowser, his greatest enemy of all time. In his journey through an underground labyrinth, the friendly plumber manages to make friends, overcome his greatest fears, but last but not least, fall in love. 

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The screenplay has a truly spectacular cast, in which Chris Patt enlivens Mario with his voice, and the famous Anya Taylor-Joy the beautiful Princess Peach. And because this cast wants to be exceptional, other famous names whose voices you will hear in this children’s animation are Charlie Day, Jack Black, but also Keegan-Michael Key.

To watch this animated comedy at its true value, we are waiting for you at CINEMAX Veranda with the little ones. Not only will they be more than excited to watch their favorite character on the big screens, but they will enjoy a downright fantastic atmosphere!

Mavka. The Forest Song 

One of the most anticipated Ukrainian productions of this, Mavka.The Forest Song promises to be a striking animated film in every way. The little ones will love the carefully outlined and beautifully colored main characters from the first moments, while the adults will discover nature from a completely different perspective. 

Mavka, a soul of the forest and appointed its newest garian, is faced with a primal dilemma when she falls in love with a talented musician named Lukas. This love makes her choose between protecting her world and satisfying her own feelings, especially when a female villain eager to get her hands on the Heart of the Forest uses the young man in love to get to Mavka.  

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An animation full of deep and educational substrata, in which themes such as love, friendship, protecting nature, but also the importance of making choices are illustrated in an exceptional screenplay. The directors Oleh Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban managed to transpose in Mavka.The Forest Song personal moments, but also universal values, in which many of us will find ourselves.

This film for children over 5 years old, in particular, will be liked by children, but also by parents. Plus, it will open up some dialogue that should be had in any family, so it’s worth putting on the schedule. And if you stay in the Obor area, you can see it right in the hall dedicated to children at CINEMAX Veranda !

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

After the phenomenal success of the first part in this series, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse promises to deliver action and suspense to even higher heights. The little ones will not only love the dynamic and fantastic sequences, but also the effervescent characters who compete in superpowers.

The animated sci-fi reveals more about the story of Miles Morales, known as Spider-Man, who continues his adventure through the six different universes. To take on the villainous Spider-Man 2099, Morales teams up with Spider Gwen and allies with a new group of Spider-people. 

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In addition to the battle between good and evil, the story is a personal one, focusing on Spider-Man, Gwen and a few other characters, even though the film will include around 240 unique characters, secondary and main. The explosion of colors, crazy-paced action scenes and clever lines complete the picture of one of the best children’s movies this year. 

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Among the best new movies for kids is Elemental , an animated adaptation of Disney and PIXAR studios. Just hearing these names, we already know that we are in for a real adventure.

The animation takes us to an out-of-the-ordinary small town, where the inhabitants are the four primordial elements: water, air, fire and earth. Here even the most paradoxical laws of nature take on a different meaning, and a fiery young woman and a young man who makes waves at every step discover that love fights every rule of physics or chemistry.

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This children’s film full of funny and tasty moments, aims to delight the little ones with charming and humorous characters. More important than anything, however, is the message behind this story. Little ones will be delighted to see how friendship and empathy take different forms and can appear when you least expect it.

Elemental promises to be one of the best educational kids movies of 2022. In fact, it would be ideal as a weekend activity for all your loved ones. Check out the program at CINEMAX, see when it’s playing and enjoy a good movie with the family!

Peter Pan and Wendy

Inspired by the animated film of the same name made in 1953, Walt Disney Pictures returns with a big day adaptation, where Peter Pan and Wendy will take you to an enchanted world – the island of Neverland. 

The story of the special boy who never grew up continues, and the three Darling brothers, including the beautiful Wendy, join him on his adventure-filled journey. Arriving on the island of Neverland, they have to face the evil Captain Hook, and Wendy has to make the most important decision of her life. Whether or not this will stay in Neverland forever remains to be seen. 

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This production signed by David Lowery, who also directed Pete’s Dragon, brings back to the big screens the charm of the immortal stories of yesteryear, which managed to enliven many children’s evenings and delight their imaginations. In a cast with promising actors, such as Ever Gabo Anderson and Alexander Molony, we have all the elements to (re)fall in love with the universe of the fantastic, at any age.

With splendid effects and settings, as well as well-defined characters, Peter Pan and Wendy richly deserves its place in this list of films for children and the whole family. If you want to watch it designed with the latest technology, as it deserves, we are waiting for you at CINEMAX Veranda!


Encanto is one of the best new children’s movies, ideal for toddlers, but also for teenagers trying to find their place in the world.

The charming animation tells the story of the Madrigal family who live in Encanto, a fictional small town in the mountains of Colombia, and live in a magical house full of life and joy. That’s because all the family members are endowed with superpowers worthy of Marvel heroes, with one exception: the young Mirabel. At 15, the teenager feels extra among her own, until she learns that she is the only one who could protect them, when they risk losing their abilities.

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The animation is a tribute to Latin communities and Colombia in particular, where family is everything and music is a way of life. But the songs in this movie have enchanted children all over the world, to a great extent. Nor did we expect anything else, given that they are composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote part of the soundtrack for Moana . 

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Inside Out

Inside Out Inside Out ) is an animated film in which the main characters are the five emotions in the head of Riley, a 12-year-old girl. Thus we see how, from birth, Joy, Sadness, Fear and Disgust shape Riley’s personality and influence all his decisions.

Things get complicated when Riley and her parents move to San Francisco and her whole life is turned upside down. If, in the past, Joy was her dominant emotion, with the move to the new city, Sadness and other emotions begin to take control of her attitude and memories. We thus embark on a journey from which both children and adults learn how important it is to accept all our emotions. We cannot live our whole lives feeling only joy, but sadness can give birth to joy, fear and disgust can save our lives, and there are situations where anger is justified.

Inside Out

Although it is a cartoon, the production of the PIXAR studios is based on solid scientific documentation. One of the film’s consultants was even Paul Ekman, the psychologist who developed the concept of basic emotions , namely the five emotions present in the film. 

Inside out is one of those educational movies for kids that they have a lot to learn from and is sure to spark interesting family conversations. In addition, this educational film is available and dubbed in Romanian, being also suitable for young children.

The film is available online on HBO GO.


The two animated films in the Frozen series follow the adventures of the princesses Anna and Elsa, adventures inspired by the children’s fairy tale Snow White . Although it is not a faithful adaptation of the book, in this movie Elsa becomes a captive snow queen, and the only one who manages to save her is her sister. 

The famous songs Let it go and Do you want to build a snowman conquered us from the first chords, as well as their versions in Romanian ( It happened and Come out in the snow ). In addition, the little snowman named Olaf instantly became one of the children’s favorite characters due to his overflowing humor. 

So, if you’re looking for a princess movie that breaks the mold, Frozen is the right choice. The animation combines fairy tale adventures with particularly catchy songs , characters that will become an example for the little ones, but also an empowering message .

The Karate Kid

Dre Parker (Jaden Smith), a 12-year-old boy from Detroit, moves with his mother to Beijing to start a new life. But things are not so rosy at school and at home, as Dre is bullied by the neighborhood kids, who beat and humiliate him. His rescue comes in the person of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a kung-fu martial art master who teaches him the secrets of self-defense.

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Han convinces Dre to participate in a martial arts competition where his opponents would include the classmates who made his life difficult at school so many times. Dre accepts, and after many hours of training, the day of the competition arrives. Will Dre be able to overcome his emotions and rise to the level of Master Li’s students? 

The feature film is perfect for family viewing, having all the ingredients of a good children’s film: adventure, excitement and comedy, wrapped in the mysterious air of martial arts and Chinese culture. Karate Kid is also a motivational film for children, as it will teach them about the importance of discipline, perseverance, but also courage in the face of injustice.

The film is available online on Netflix.

Up: Above all

Up is an adventure movie in which old man Carl, funny scout Russell and cute golden retriever named Dug go on a fantastic trip in a flying house. Since childhood, Carl’s dream was to visit Paradise Falls in South America with his wife. But, as often happens, life turned his plan upside down. 

Adventure films for children

After the death of his wife, Carl decides not to postpone and sets off with his companions on a fantastic and inspirational journey. One of the most beautiful animated films for children, Up is perfect for both young and old, from 12 years old. 


Wall-E is an animated film that follows the story of the cutest robot, whose goal is to collect trash from Planet Earth. In the 29th century, at the time of the film’s action, Earth is no longer an inhabited planet. However, when the Axiom ship sends a research robot named EVE to Earth, the two robots meet, fall in love, and Wall-E then sets off on a galaxy-wide search for her. 

Online movies for kids

Wall-E is an educational film for children that has been praised by critics and fans alike. Through a telling story, understandable for children, he brings up the issue of consumerism and climate change. So, if you are looking for a movie that will entertain the little ones, but also open a constructive dialogue in the family, then Wall-E is the right choice. Just keep in mind that the movie is suitable for children 10 years and older.

Finding Nemo / In search of Nemo

Finding Nemo tells the story of the little fish Marlin and his son Nemo. Very protective by nature, Marlin was determined not to let anything happen to little Nemo. But after an argument in which Nemo wants to prove to his father that he is exaggerating, he is kidnapped by a diver and ends up in an aquarium at the other end of the ocean.

Marlin sets off with Dory, a blue fish with memory loss, on an adventurous adventure to save his son. Their only clue is a diving mask with a Sydney address written on it. The two face sharks, jellyfish, travel with turtles and escape from the belly of a whale to reach Nemo. 

Finding Nemo takes us deep into the ocean and teaches us important lessons about courage, fear, determination, friendship and parental love. An animated film full of funny situations that will take the little ones to the depths of the ocean.

The film is available online on HBO GO .

Ice Age Series

Ice Age is a series of children’s films featuring animals, some extinct (like mammoths), some still around (like squirrels or sloths), whose adventures take place in – you guessed it! – in the ice age. Of course, the harsh conditions and unforeseen situations every step of the way will give the characters a lot of trouble, even the most imposing of them.

Movies for children in Romanian

The Ice Age series gives you the perfect context to tell your little ones about the past of our planet, about dinosaurs and other extinct species, but also about climate change. So, in addition to being entertaining, these funny movies for kids can start important discussions.

The Harry Potter series

You’ve surely heard of the famous wizard and his and his friends’ adventures at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry . The Harry Potter series follows the story of these children with supernatural powers as they attempt to save the wizarding world from the evil Lord Voldemort.

Going through the strangest adventures and trials, Harry learns how important courage, friendship, trust and love are, but also how these values ​​can become weapons in the face of danger.

Movies for 10 year olds

Harry Potter is more than just a wizarding movie for kids. As Harry grows up, the problems he faces become more complex and the stories become more nuanced. If the first films in the series reproduce the typical contrast between good and evil, along the way we discover that not everything can be divided into black and white. 

That’s why the first two films in the series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – are suitable even for children younger than 7-8 years. The next six are a bit darker , so they will appeal to older children and teenagers.

The entire series is available on HBO GO . 


Also in the “monsters” chapter, Shrek tells the story of the famous grumpy ogre who values ​​nothing more than the tranquility of the swamp where he lives. But when several fairy tale characters are exiled to his swamp, the ogre must act. Together with the most talkative donkey in the universe (Eddie Murphy), Shrek goes in search of Lord Farquaad, who had banished the characters to him in the swamp. 

Arriving in Farquaad’s town, Shrek (Mike Myers) and Donkey find themselves in the middle of a tournament that they inadvertently win. But as champions, the two are assigned to fight a fierce dragon to save Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), whom Farquaad wanted to marry. As you’d expect, Shrek and Donkey rescue the princess, and the three’s adventures continue.

Comedies for children

The animation is a funny satire of the fairy tales we grew up with, whose characters are exiled to Shrek’s swamp. The children will be all the more amused, as the ending is atypical, and the princess does not stay with the prince, but with… the ogre. So get ready to laugh heartily at one of the most original children’s movies! Why not, maybe you decide to watch the whole series with Shrek and his gang to meet the famous Puss in Boots as well.

Lion King

A Disney animation much loved by children, The Lion King tells the story of young Simba, who is caught in the power struggle between his evil uncle named Scar and his father, Mufasa. Tricked by Scar into thinking he killed his father, Simba flees into exile. There, the lion cub meets his new friends: Timon and Pumbaa – a meerkat and a boar.

The two have a totally different outlook on life, compared to the one full of duties that Simba was to have as the heir to the throne. Although things go well for a while, Simba eventually learns that you can’t hide from the past and run from the responsibilities you were born with. So he returns to face his destiny and fight Scar for the throne. 

Comedy cartoons

As Disney has become accustomed to, among the strengths of these films are the particularly catchy songs that we all sang along to when we were little. And who wouldn’t be humming Hakuna Matata even now if they rewatched the movie? 

In 2019, the animation was followed by a live action version , made entirely with the help of CGI. The film closely follows the narrative thread of the cartoon and does not make major changes to the story. However, this version is also spectacular, due to the fact that the images seem torn from a National Geographic documentary , not made on a computer.

The cast is as spectacular as the technical achievements. Stars bringing the characters to life include Beyonce Knowles (Nala), Donald Glover (Simba), Seth Rogen (Pumbaa) and James Earl Jones, who reprises his role as Mufasa from the cartoon. If you saw the animated film with your little one, then you shouldn’t miss this version either.

Both productions are available online on HBO GO, both dubbed and subtitled. 


Aladdin tells the story of a poor boy from Agrabah, a fictional city in the Far East. Due to the goodness of his heart, Aladdin was among the few who could enter the Cave of Wonders, where an enchanted lamp was hidden. Of course it had magical powers.

Aladdin is tricked by the evil Jafar into entering the cave and bringing him the lamp, but due to some mix-ups, the young man becomes the master of the lamp and the Spirit that was imprisoned inside. The genie grants Aladdin two wishes and thus helps him win Jasmine, the princess he had fallen in love with. Things get complicated, however, when Jafar takes control of the lamp and Jasmine learns the truth about Aladdin. 

Movies for children dubbed in Romanian

The production delights us with a number of memorable songs, including the song A whole new world , which the protagonists sing together during the journey on the enchanted carpet. With a soundtrack like that, it’s no wonder Aladdin has become one of Disney’s most beloved children’s films.

In addition, as Disney has become accustomed to in recent years, the famous animation also had a live action version with actors. The new version, directed by Guy Ritchie in 2019, has none other than Will Smith in the role of the charismatic Ghost. However, the film doesn’t stray too far from the original story, although the sets, costumes and choreography are downright impressive.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is undoubtedly one of Disney’s finest animations, but also one of the most critically acclaimed. In a village in France, the young Belle is taken prisoner by a prince who, following a curse, was transformed into a beast. Even the servants in his castle did not escape the curse and became objects that give even more color to the whole story, among which are Lumiere, the Clockmaker, Mrs. Teapot and her little boy, Chip.

Disney princesses

In addition to the famous songs, such as Be our guest and, of course, Beauty and the Beast , the film features one of the most beloved Disney princesses: Belle. Breaking out of traditional patterns, she immediately became a role model for girls. In the first part of the film, Belle is always with a book in her hand, totally unaffected by the villagers laughing at her for going to the library. At the same time, thanks to her kindness and altruism, our heroine tames the fierce Beast, whom she teaches the same qualities and, above all, how important it is to love.

In 2017, the animation was reproduced in a live action version , starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Although the 1991 production is among the best animated films, the new feature completes the original story. To the delight of fans, it provides more details about Belle’s past and the curse that has befallen the castle, but also includes some original songs. 

The Wonderful Grove

The Romanian children’s film The wonderful Dumbrava is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Mihail Sadoveanu. Both tell the story of Lizuca, a 5-year-old girl, who is taken away by her evil stepmother from her grandparents who loved and cared for her. That is until Lizuca decides to run away from home, together with the famous Patrocles, and return to her grandparents’ house, near the grove .

Romanian films for children

But the night catches them on the way, so the two have to take shelter in the hollow of a reed. Overnight, the little girl’s dreams are colored by magical stories, with the seven dwarfs, good fairies, beautiful girls and talking animals. When she wakes up, Lizuca is already at her grandparents’ house, who refuse to leave the little girl in the care of her stepmother. 

The wonderful Dumbrava remains today, 40 years after its release, one of the most beloved old Romanian films for children, which is worth watching again with the whole family.


One of the best Romanian films for children, Veronica follows the story of a little girl from a children’s home. At the age of 5, she receives as a gift from the Good Fairy an enchanted toy. Traista can fulfill Veronica’s every wish, provided that the girl is kind at heart, polite and friendly with those around her. Unfortunately, when she shows selfishness, Veronica is left without her special gift.

Torn by regrets and remorse, the little girl decides to go in search of the enchanted object. What follows is a journey through fantastic lands, from the world of ants where he meets the Ant Fairy and the Crickets, to the enchanted forest where the Sly Fox and the Motanul Danilă (Dem Rădulescu) were plotting.  

Funny movies for kids

In her enchanted adventures, Veronica learns the meaning of courage, kindness, and true friendship, returning to her peers wiser and more generous. Being an artistic film for children from 1972, Veronica benefits from an impressive cast, with many legendary actors of Romanian cinema. But its message remains a topical one, which is why it is one of the most appreciated Romanian films to be seen by both children and parents.  

In this article, we talked about the best movies for kids. You can now help your child find a suitable film to watch and enjoy.