100+ Free Disney Plus Accounts and Passwords 2023

Free Disney Plus Accounts

Looking for free Disney plus accounts? You have come to the right place. In this post you will learn the best methods that exist to get these unpaid accounts.

Next we will teach you everything about how to get free Disney Plus accounts. Best of all, they are completely legal and work on any device.

Here you will find a list of premium accounts unlocked for free. Which are updated daily.

What is Disney Plus?

Before I start giving away the accounts, let me tell you a little about this wonderful streaming platform.

Disney plus is the new revolutionary streaming platform where you can find all the content from The Walt Disney company, Pixar, Marvel, Star wars, National geographic and more television channels.

what is disney plus

By subscribing to this platform you will be able to enjoy the wide catalog that Disney has for you. Including classic, animated movies and series and some exclusive premieres published only on this platform.

What are the prices of Disney + Plus

If we compare the rates that Disney plus currently handles with those of its competition, this platform is really cheap since it handles a monthly price of $24,000 Colombian pesos, approximately $7 dollars.

In addition to this, you can also take advantage of a very profitable promotion where Disney plus and Star plus will be included for only $39,000 Colombians, which would be approximately $11 dollars monthly.

If for some strange reason you want to contract the Disney plus service, it is very simple. You will only have to register a new account; then enter the billing information, either a credit or debit card. Remember that you can cancel the subscription whenever you want, but you will be charged for the entire month.

Disney+ MonthlyDisney+ and Star+ combo
Hire the Disney+ monthly plan and enjoy the latest movie releases, originals and unforgettable classics.Save by contracting both services together with this unique offer. Enjoy Disney+ and Star+ for a single price.
COP 23,900/month*COP 38,900/month*

Buy Disney plus cheaper.

If you still think that the price is a bit high, let me tell you that I also have a solution for this. There is a quite famous page where you can buy Disney plus accounts for an absurdly cheap price.

Account Bot is a website dedicated to the sale of quite old and well-known wholesale accounts, where you can easily buy premium accounts and enjoy all the content that you are provided.

Next I will show you a list of promotions that this page currently has to buy Disney + plus accounts.

If you want to know more you can click on the following button, which will take you to the Account Both page, where in addition to Disney plus accounts; you will also find more platforms like Netflix, Paramount +, HBO Max, AMC Plus.

Free Disney+ plus accounts 2023

Well, now what you came for, how to have Disney plus for free. Thanks to the fact that Disney plus is a “new” platform, its security regarding account sharing is not as high as others.

This is why the most famous and currently used method is that of public accounts. This method is quite easy to use as you will simply need to get the account listed below. 

Subsequently, enter disneyplus.com and with the username and password enter an account totally free and without paying.

Disney Plus public accounts [Updated January 2023]

PUBLIC Disney Plus Accounts #1

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DISNEY + PUBLIC Accounts #2

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Free Disney+ Accounts #3

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Disney+Plus Accounts

Disney Plus Shared #4

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Disney+ accounts #5

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Disney + Plus Public Accounts #6

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Free Disney plus account

Free Disney Plus Accounts #7

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Free Disney+ Accounts

Free Disney+ Accounts #8

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FREE Disney Plus Accounts

Disney+ Plus Free #9

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Disney+ Plus Accounts #10

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Disney Plus Passwords

It is important that you keep in mind that these accounts are frequently updated, however if you want more personalized or updated accounts, you can enter the following category where you will find all the accounts ordered by date.

On the other hand, we ask you to please follow the recommendations at the bottom of this page, this in order for the accounts to work for as long as possible, Thank you!

FREE Disney + Plus Account Generator

Updated accounts 05 January 2023🔥 Disney Plus Accounts Here! 👆x

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What devices is Disney plus available on?

Disney plus like other streaming applications are compatible with multiple platforms; Next I will show you a list of all the devices on which you can watch your favorite series and movies.

You should keep in mind that sometimes the devices are old and these applications do not have compatibility support.

  • Desktop computers or laptops
  • Mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox One
  • rokutv
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV 4 gen

How to use Disney + plus Free accounts

As I told you before, thanks to the fact that the security of Disney plus is not as advanced as those of other platforms; using these shared accounts is really simple.

Once you have the username and password for your account, generated in our public accounts, all you have to do is enter the following link ; which will take you to the official website of Disneyplus.com copy and paste the data and log in to your free account. 

It’s that simple, you’ll be enjoying a totally free Disney + account and best of all, it will work on any device, be it a Smart TV, a cell phone or your computer.

How many people can watch Disney plus at once

In its first months, Disney plus did not have any restrictions with simultaneous screens or accounts. That is, all the people who had access to the account could enjoy a movie or series without any limitation.

But since all good things don’t last forever, currently only 4 screens or profiles can simultaneously view Disney plus content, on the other hand, the number of profiles that can be created per account is a maximum of 7 . 

It is very important that you keep in mind that the number of profiles is not related to the screens at the same time that they are playing Disney content; In case you are on screen number 5, an error message will appear informing you that there are many devices playing at the moment.

How to use Disney plus offline

disney plus offline

The first thing you should know to use Disney plus without internet is that it only works for mobile devices and tablets with the Android or iOS operating system. This is because we will have to install the Disney plus application, which is only available in the Play store and the app store.

Once the application is installed, you will have to enter the Disney plus account; select the movie or series that you want to see without internet and then you must click on the download button.

Once downloaded, the content will be available anywhere regardless of your connection or the number of people using the account.

You must take into account that this downloaded content only works with the account that was downloaded, in case you use another account you will have to download it again.

📜 Important Recommendations 🔍

Currently, we are many users using these public or shared Disney Plus accounts, so if we want these to work for much longer; The most important thing is to follow the following recommendations to the letter.

  • For no reason change the password of the account. When changing the password, it will stop working for all users, since it will be blocked.
  • Do not create and edit account profiles. When entering from different countries, Netflix may
  • Do not try to change the password of the account, since Disney has a verification system in the registered mail before changing the password. The only thing you will get is that the account is blocked.
  • Do not create or edit account profiles.
  • Avoid as much as possible changing the account settings, whether it is the language or country of the account.
  • If you are using a mobile device, we recommend you download the content you want to see, so you will avoid the mistake of many people watching at the same time.
  • Check this website frequently so you can get daily updated accounts.

Finally, we can only thank you for preferring us and ask you the favor of complying with our suggestions for use, remember that we are too many people trying to see disney + plus Free.