100+ Free HBO Max Accounts and Passwords 2023

Free HBO Max Accounts

Looking for free HBO Max accounts? Do not look any further. Here you will find the best methods that currently exist to get totally free accounts; in an easy and fast way. Don’t stay without trying them!

In this post I will teach you everything you need to know about these accounts, how to get them, how to use them, as well as the fundamental tips and advice so you don’t have problems with free HBO MAX accounts.

Best of all, the accounts work on any device, be it on your desktop computer, your cell phone or your Smart TV; it also works in all countries where HBO Max works.

What is HBO Max?

First of all, I would like to explain a little more about this platform that with the passing of time is improving in an incredible way, surpassing even well-known platforms such as Netflix.

HBO Max is an American streaming platform, which was launched in May 2020 in this country, but only reached Latin America until June 2021.

According to the data published by them, on March 31, 2022, it registered 76.8 million registered users on its streaming platform.

Currently, this platform has many exclusive titles from it, even going so far as to buy the rights to many series and movies that were previously on Netflix. The titles that currently stand out the most are: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, House of Dragon, Rick and Morty; among many others, which you can only see and enjoy on this platform.

What are the prices and plans of HBO Max?

In this section it is important to make it clear that in Latin American countries subscriptions are a little cheaper if we compare them with those of the United States. However, in this country its catalog is a bit broader, offering plans of $10 a month but with small announcements.

On the other hand, it offers streaming in 4k Ultra HD for $15 a month and the option to download your favorite series or movies to watch without internet whenever you want; obviously this plan will have no ads or interruptions.

On the other hand, in Latin America, to be more specific in Colombia, they offer two types of subscriptions: First of all, we have the mobile subscription as the name implies, it only works on smartphones and tablets with a value of approximately $3 per month.

Secondly, we have the standard plan which for approximately $5 you can enjoy content in 4k definition and watch on 3 devices at the same time per account, you can also download and watch the titles wherever you want and have access to 5 profiles within one single account.

Where to buy cheap HBO MAX accounts

We know that acquiring these HBO Max plans can be a bit expensive and more so in Latin American countries. This is why we share a platform where you can get totally real accounts for a really low price.

Best of all, this platform has been around for a long time and hasn’t presented any issues. In addition, it guarantees 100% the operation of your account. In case of presenting a problem, this will generate a new account immediately.

How you were able to look at the price table is quite incredible when compared to the official price of HBO Max. However, on this page you will not only be able to find HBO Max accounts; you will also find Netflix, Disney plus, Fox Now, Paramount +, Star Plus accounts, among many other streaming platforms with really low prices.

Are these accounts safe?

Of course yes, all these accounts are totally real accounts; which were purchased taking advantage of the promotions and discounts that HBO Max offers. So you will not have any problem when using these accounts.

The only drawback you may have with these accounts is the number of people who are using the account at the same time; because the maximum of people is 4 at the same time.

Shared HBO Max accounts

The shared accounts method is the most used by our users, due to the fact that it works the best. Unlike Netflix or Disney Plus, to change HBO Max passwords you must first verify a code that will be sent to the main email of the account, which helps Us prevent some people from changing the password of the account and it stops working.

The operation of this method is very simple, you will only have to obtain your account and use it on any device, enter your username and password and that’s it, just like that, you would be enjoying an HBO Max account totally free and without any problem.

Free HBO Accounts

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HBO MAX Premium Accounts

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Updated HBO Max Accounts

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Hbo Max User + Counter

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Keep in mind that we are many people trying to have HBO Max for free, so the accounts may stop working, at some point we recommend that if this happens to you, simply try another account, as these are updated daily.

It is important that you read the recommendations that you will find at the end of this post very carefully, since we can guarantee that the accounts work for much longer and many people like us can have access to these accounts totally free.

HBO Max Public Accounts Updated January 2023

Public accounts also tend to work a lot, however, unlike shared accounts, we find these in forums or open posts on the internet, as a result of which many more people have access to these accounts, which causes them to fill up very quickly. and they don’t work 100%.

However, its uptime rate is about 80%, if you’re lucky you can get an account that very few people know about and thus make it work for you longer.

The operation is very simple, you will only have to enter the username and password on the device that you want to see HBO Max content.

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nicolasbrian10@g *****comdedevot***

List Public Accounts HBO MAX FREE

The big advantage of this method is that accounts are updated about 4 times a day, so you have a better chance of getting an account that works for you.

FREE HBO Max Account Generator

How many people can watch HBO Max at once

How do you know HBO Max accounts allow us to create 5 profiles per account, but if you want to watch your movies or series in high definition and 4K, you can only use three devices at the same time, this is in a standard plan.

It also allows us to have a more personalized plan that is only for mobiles and tablets, in which you will have a standard definition and you can use one device at a time.

Yes, for some reason it appears that too many devices are playing, you must enter HBO Max and touch the profile icon, then go to settings and select manage devices, the list of devices that have recently connected will appear, then you will have to pause any of the devices that are connected wait a few minutes and then you can play on another device.

Can HBO Max be used offline?

If you want to watch your content offline, you can download the series, documentary or movie you want to watch before leaving home.

How can you do this, you are going to select the series, documentary or movie that you want to see, you are going to click on the download icon and the progress of your download will appear on the screen, the standard plan will allow you to download 30 at a time, the mobile plan allows you to do 5 downloads at a time. 

hbo max movies

Also, you should keep in mind that when you go to download the content you can choose the language or the subtitles, once you start watching it, the titles you download will be saved in the internal storage of your device.

Finally, it is important that you do not forget that you will only have 48 hours to watch it before this time ends, after that you can restore the download or just delete it. 

What devices can I use HBO MAX on?

The availability of the devices that you can use varies according to the plan you have, so that when you start a new series or a movie premieres you don’t miss a thing.

This is why this platform allows us to see all its content from a Smart TV, computers, video game consoles, Smartphones and tablets. And thus, from any suitable place or moment you can enjoy exclusive content.

Change quality on HBO MAX?

This platform always automatically adjusts the playback quality of the video depending on the plan in which you are subscribed, or the connection and speed you have of wi-fi, if for some reason the connection is very low or unstable, it may be that the resolution of the video quality is low, as manual video quality settings are not available on HBO Max.

hbo max subscription

You should keep in mind that if your plan is standard, most content is played in high resolution (HD), but if your plan is mobile, the content played on your phone will be in standard definition (SD).

Therefore, you will be interested to know that if you want to see your 4K content you can do it on the following devices such as Android TVs, Apple TV 4K, 4K LG Smart TVs, 4K Samsung TVs, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X /S. 

Suggestions for use 🤝

To conclude this post, we would like to share with all our readers the recommendations for using HBO MAX accounts. It is very important that you try to follow them as much as possible, since this way we can guarantee the correct functioning of the public accounts.

  • Do not create or edit existing profiles.
  • Do not edit the payment method of the account.
  • For no reason try to change the password of the account as you will be asked for a code as in the following image, only achieving the banning of the account.