Arabic Localization Services

Arabic localization services

Arabic Localization Services

For Arabic language services, Kalemaatt offers a complete set of solutions to fulfill the specifications of our clients. Native Arabic linguists are on duty 24/7ou to meet your needs, and our worldwide management team ensures projects on time and on budget. Over 50,000 businesses, in more than 100 countries and in 200+ language pairs, have profited from our commitment to “smart human translation”. Each project we deliver is accompanied by a firm one-year guarantee: if you ever discover an error, we’ll fix it right away with no charge.

Arabic-speaking nations may not have an auto brand of their own, but the automotive industry is still big business there, and players in this market as well as foreign carmakers rely on Kalemaatt to translate their products, services, and marketing communications. From translating manuals and preparing Arabic ads to localizing in-vehicle displays and software as well as translating marketing and sales collateral, we deliver to clients with the highest quality standards.

Precision is essential for financial and accounting documents. No surprise, then, that top Arabic financial firms and banks rely on Kalemaatt for flawlessly executed language services. Whether in translation or creation of content, our top-flight team of linguists ensure that your projects are accurate and compatible with the highest standards. Our clients also include leading Arabic loan providers, insurance companies, and financial consultants. Kalemaatt provides high-quality localization services in Arabic and many other languages.


Legal practice requires accurate rendering of language, and that’s why legal firms and law courts depend on Kalemaatt for faithful and legally precise translations to and from Arabic. Our mother tongue linguists, familiar with diverse dialects and nuances of this ancient tongue. Specializations include copyright, trademark, and patent applications, partnerships and incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, employment contracts, trusts and wills, and much more.

Precise language in healthcare and medicine can save lives. Kalemaatt brings a wealth of experience in working closely with healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Arabic experts on our worldwide team consistently surpass client expectations when localizing and translating technical, marketing and sales documents.

Young Arabic consumers love electronic games, sports and other forms of entertainment. A new generation of Arabic-language developers is emerging on the worldwide gaming scene. So global game makers rely on Kalemaatt to penetrating these large and growing markets. Our expert linguists’ mother-tongue command of Arabic is needed to capture and engage domestic markets and building brand loyalty. We command special expertise in localizing video games, gadgets and consoles as well as the latest virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) devices.

Tech companies depend on Kalemaatt to deliver professional language services for a diverse array of electronic and scientific products and services. We provide technical documentation, marketing and sales collateral for both software and hardware, to and from Arabic. Our trained linguists are knowledgeable about highly specific tech domains. They excel in localizing apps and websites, editing and proofing sales and marketing literature as well as technical documentation.

Security and military organizations have strict demands for exactness, insisting on the highest precision in translating and other professional language services. Defense firms rely on Kalemaatt to hit the bull’s eye and complete projects within the time and budget specified. Our experienced linguists, many with high security clearances, are skilled at localizing even the most complex and classified documents to and from Arabic.