Best Arabic Translation Services

Best Arabic Translation Services

In today’s world, a growing number of businesses and other organizations need to communicate in Arabic. Whether you’re a global company with operations in multiple countries or just a small local business that needs to reach customers in the Middle East, you can expect demand for Arabic translation services to grow as fast as the number of people speaking the language. To stay competitive, bigger organizations may outsource translation projects to specialist translation agencies; but if you’re a small business owner or an individual entrepreneur looking for ways to increase your marketing reach then contracting translation services from an agency is probably not something you have time for. Luckily, translating documents from one language into another doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated so it makes sense for anyone who wants to communicate effectively in their field. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on how to find affordable and trustworthy Arabic translation services that will suit your needs while saving you money at the same time.

High-Quality Arabic Translation Services

Translating documents from one language to another can be complex and messy. Even the most talented translators can make mistakes and if you’re not careful you can waste large amounts of time and money. It’s important to find a translation service provider who is experienced, qualified and well-trained. A good Arabic translator will have a sound understanding of the Arabic language, culture and the way people communicate in their country. They will also have a solid knowledge of the business and regulatory requirements that apply in their field. Finding a translator with these skills can be difficult, but it’s worthwhile. Mistakes made during translation can lead to confusion, misunderstandings and a poor end result. It’s also worth checking the credentials of translators you’re considering hiring. Each country has its own certification requirements so make sure you get a translator certified to work in your area. It’s possible to hire certified translators online, but you can also find them in most translation agencies.

Certified Arabic Translation Services

If you need certified translation services for legal or official documents such as certificates, birth and death certificates, passports or other similar paperwork then you can find a certified translator in most areas. There are a few things you can do to make sure you find a quality certified translator. First, consider the certifications of potential translators. Make sure they have the right certifications to work on your project. You can often find this information on the translator’s website. Second, ask translators what areas they specialize in. If you need proofreading, editing or other types of services that require a different set of skills then you should ask your translator what they can provide. Third, make sure the translator you choose has a strong online presence. This can be in the form of testimonials, reviews and other online proof of their work. Look for signs that they are a trusted, quality translator.

English to Arabic Translation Services

Many companies and individuals choose to use English to Arabic translation services to reach an international audience in the Middle East. Most English to Arabic translation services will have experience in a particular language pair like Arabic and English or Arabic to any other language. These types of translation will come with a higher cost than general Arabic translation services, but they can be a good choice when you want to create a certain impression on your audience. Many professional and business organizations will use English to Arabic services to provide their correspondence or marketing materials in Arabic.

Arabic to English Translation Services

Arabic to English translation services are used by many businesses and organizations who want to communicate in Arabic. These types of translation services are also commonly used in cases when someone wants to communicate something in Arabic and wants to communicate it in English. Most Arabic to English translation services will be able to provide you with a good Arabic to English translation, but the quality of Arabic to English translation can vary depending on the translator.

Certified Arabic Translation for Official Use

When you need a certified Arabic translation for official use, you’ll need to make sure the translation has been certified by an official body. The official body will provide the certification information, which will help you find the right certified translation service. In addition, certified translations are considered as official translations. These types of translations are also considered as authoritative translations so they can be used in legal cases.

Medical Arabic Translation Services

Medical and health professionals who need an Arabic translation for patient records, medical reports or other medical translation services related to healthcare will often find Certified Medical Arabic Translation Services to be the best option. Medical translation services for Arabic are often the most expensive and require the most experience.

Legal Arabic Translation Services

Legal and business translation services are often performed with Arabic as the language of the document. This can mean translations for contracts, deeds, wills, business agreements or other legal documents. You’ll find certified legal Arabic translation services are the most reliable when it comes to legal matters.

Certified Arabic Translators

While certified Arabic translation services will provide you with a certified translation, it can be difficult to identify certified translators. Certified translators are often certified through a professional certification body like AAT (American Translators Association), CITI (Council for International Translators), TATE (Translators Association of Europe) or ICST (International Center for Spoken Translation). Translators who are certified through one of these organizations are likely to be certified through more than one body and are likely to be experienced. This means they can provide you with a high-quality Arabic translation.


Finding the right Arabic translation service can be challenging. You need to consider the language pair, the type of Arabic you’re working with, the type of documents you’re creating and many other factors. As you can see, finding a high-quality Arabic translation service for your project can be a challenge. Regardless of your needs and how complex the Arabic translation project is, there is a trustworthy translation provider that can meet your needs. It’s important to remember that language is more than just words and it can be challenging to find a translation agency that understands this.

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With over 400 million speakers across the globe, Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world and is the official language of 26 countries spread across the Middle East and Africa.

The economic growth of these Arabic-speaking countries has grown dramatically in a short space of time and the Arab world has a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion.

At Toppan Digital Language, we have a vast amount of experience supporting global businesses as they expand into the Arab world with high-quality Arabic translation services. Our native in-country linguists are fully vetted and have expert knowledge in a plethora of industry sectors.

To support our linguists though the translation process, we use our secure, custom translation workflow platform, STREAM which is built with a suite of QA tools to ensure fast and accurate translations in Arabic.

STREAM is also built with your own in-house systems in mind. We’ve built a suite of APIs that enable you to connect to STREAM through your CMS allowing you to send translations, track the translation process and keep on top of your translation costs.

Our Arabic translation services include the following:

  • Document translation
  • Contract translation
  • Manual translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Technical translation
  • Website translation
  • Medical Translation
  • SEO Translation
  • Legal translation
  • Finance Translation

Arabic Document Translation

Fast and adaptive translations for Arabic-speaking markets

Some may not think much about your everyday business documents. But when it comes to navigating international markets as a business, we understand that adapting your corporate documents will be key to your international success.

Whether it’s HR documents that need to be translated for your Arabic office or a company handbook, we provide an adaptive Arabic document translation service that caters to your business needs.

You’ll also have the benefit of a dedicated account manager who will select the most experienced linguists for your particular industry sector to ensure a fast and accurate Arabic document translation service.

Arabic Contract Translation

Professional, high-quality Arabic translation service

When doing business abroad, we understand the urgency of getting your contracts translated. With our translation workflow platform STREAM, receiving quotes for your Arabic contract translations is fast and easy! Furthermore, we’ll pick linguists with expert legal knowledge ensuring your translations are accurate and delivered in a timely manner.

You’ll also receive the benefit of having your translated contracts certified and notarised with letters of authority at your request.

Arabic Marketing Translation Services

Creative Arabic marketing translations that engage with your target audience

Launching your product or service in Arabic speaking markets requires a distinct level of cultural and linguistic knowledge. What’s culturally relevant to people in the UAE may not be applicable to people Egypt. If you want to build your brand successfully, you need to ensure that your marketing messages are not only understood but are also relevant to the local market you are targeting.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to adapt your marketing communications to Arabic speaking markets to ensure that your marketing content is not only engaging but also persuasive! Our native in-country Arabic-speaking linguistics possess the creative skillset to adapt your content while retaining your brand’s tone of voice.

We match our linguistic talent with custom-built technology that enables our linguists to utilise brand guidelines, glossaries and other briefing information in one secure online system to maintain consistency and accuracy of your Arabic marketing translations.

Arabic Technical Translation Services

Fast and accurate technical translation service

Translating technical documents can often be a monotonous and laborious process, but if you want to compete internationally the translation of your technical documents will be essential if you want your customers to have the best experience with your product.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses expand in Arabic-speaking markets by translating a variety of technical document formats such as patents, datasheets and user guides.

Our translation workflow platform, STREAM, supports our linguists in two ways. First, it isolates and removes any coding or sensitive formatting allowing linguists to focus on translating content. Second, STREAM is built with over 100 QA checks allowing for high-quality Arabic technical translations.

Arabic Website Translation Services

Arabic website translations that help you got to market faster

If you’re launching your product or service in a new market, it’s imperative that you localise your online presence in the local language. Localising your website to local Arabic-speaking markets will allow your site to be indexed on local search engines. This makes it easier for consumers to search for your brand using search engines they are accustomed to, in their language, and will help improve conversion in the local market.

We’ve used our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the retail market to support some of the world’s most well-known retailers, FMCG and service companies expand their business internationally.

Our online translation workflow platform integrates with some of the most popular CMSs using our own APIs. Using translation memories, glossaries and a suite of QA tools, our expert linguists work in a secure online ecosystem that enables them to work faster and more efficiently to deliver accurate, high-quality Arabic website translations that help you go to market faster!

Arabic Medical Translation Services

High-quality Arabic medical translations

If you want to compete in the global Life Sciences market, it’s vital that you meet the strict legal requirements of Arabic-speaking markets. Our native in-country linguists are vetted to ensure that they are qualified and possess the relevant medical and technical expertise needed to translate complex medical terminology.

Your dedicated account manager will also ensure that every linguist used to translate your work is continuously monitored and assessed for translation quality using our best-in-class QA technology.

Arabic Legal Translation Services

Fast and professional Arabic legal translation services

With our Arabic legal translation service, we’ll hand-pick linguists with in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and the legal framework of the local market. We’ve developed relationships with some of the world’s biggest legal firms allowing them to operate efficiently in global markets.

We understand security is of the utmost importance to legal firms. That’s why we operate our business using ISO-certified processes and translations are carried out within a centralised, secure 128-bit ecosystem in order to provide you with a fast and accurate Arabic legal translation service.

Arabic Financial Translation Services

Arabic financial translation services by linguists with in-depth experience of the finance market

Arabic-speaking markets contain a hotbed of thriving businesses and with our Arabic financial translation service, we’ll support you in navigating the financial market within Arabic-speaking countries. Our linguists understand the fast-paced nature of the finance world and have had vast amounts of experience working with global financial institutions.

Whether you’re translating corporate communications, financial reports, marketing materials or contracts, our ISO accreditations will ensure that our Arabic translation service will meet the highest standards in the industry.

Arabic SEO Translation Services

We understand the complexities of localising Arabic websites, including the restructuring your site’s assets to cater to the change in reading direction, in order to provide Arabic-speaking users with the best online user experience.

With our international SEO consultancy, we can advise you on appropriate “hreflang” and “dir” tags and attributes to code your localised website accordingly for Arabic search engines, as well as Arabic keyword research, SEO copywriting and implementing on-page SEO best practices to ensure maximum reach to Arabic-speaking markets.

Arabic Translation Challenges

Translating into Arabic will be one of the challenges that companies and agencies will face when establishing communication mechanisms with a group of countries that is becoming increasingly relevant from a socio-economic standpoint for two reasons depending on the country: these are resource-rich and strategic countries; from a political perspective, these are emerging countries with great capacity for growth.

It is worth noting that Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with over 310 million native speakers across 22 countries. However, the volume of content that is translated into Arabic is very low on the internet. Consequently, it’s important for Western companies to begin translating their brand and product information into Arabic in order to target these markets.

As this is a language that is written from left to right, it considerably affects the structures of documents and web pages, and so it is vital for this change to be carried out by a qualified professional Arabic translator.

Specialist Native Arabic Translators

In addition to traditional Arabic, there are several dialects that are used across several regions of Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, there are huge differences between formal Arabic and the one that is spoken on a daily basis. In view of this, you must be absolutely clear about which variant you want to translate and which audience you wish to reach, in order to get a professional translator who specializes in the characteristics of that area or dialect.

When you ask us for a translation into Arabic, we assign you a native Arabic translator with experience in your sector and the Arabic variant that you need. To ensure the highest translation quality, every Arabic translator must meet the following requirements:

  • Native Arabic translator
  • Specialized degree in translation
  • A professional who is fully up-to-date
  • Extensive experience
  • Specialized in different sectors

Our clients are international, and many have the need to translate all their documents into Arabic. Their sectors are as varied as retail, technology, medicine, tourism, art, international trade, engineering, audiovisual media, e-learning, the legal sector, etc.

We receive a variety of orders, such as emails, games, books, web pages, contracts, annual reports, applications, instruction manuals, press releases, catalogs, product descriptions, emails, articles, etc.

You may request any of these translation services into Arabic (or from Arabic) to other languages.

  • Arabic translation services for e-commerce
  • Arabic translation services for the architecture and construction industry
  • Arabic translation services for e-learning
  • Arabic translation services for websites
  • Arabic translation services for the tourism industry
  • Arabic translation services for audiovisual content
  • Arabic translation services for the scientific community
  • Arabic translation services for financial institutions
  • Certified translation services in Arabic
  • Arabic translation services for the advertising industry
  • Arabic translation services for the legal and judicial sector
  • Literary translation services in Arabic
  • Medical translation services in Arabic
  • Arabic translation services for the fashion and beauty industry
  • Videogame and software localization services into Arabic

At Kalemaatt, we give you the best Arabic translation service the money can buy so your company could do business with a proper understanding of how things are. That’s why we give you professional, quick and certified Arabic translation services that work for you. Email us for a free quote. Your business partners would appreciate your care. Contact us today and let our professional Arabic language experts do the translation for you.

Kalemaatt speaks over 100 language, including the Arabic language. And it is our job to support you and provide you with the translation (including legal documents, localization, etc) you need. If our client wants to go global, we use our 20+ years of experience to make sure the deadlines and all requirements are met and your materials and documents are translated on the daily basis. Please e-mail us today and get a free and quick quote for the trusted Arabic translation services you deserve!

How much does it cost to translate 1000 words? How much does the Arabic translation service cost?
The price of a translation depends on many factors: complexity and technicality of the content to be translated, the language pair concerned, volumes and delivery times, repetitions in the content, etc. Why and how do these elements impact the translation prices?

Language: the limited availability of trusted professional translators available in certain linguistic pairs has a significant impact on the price of translation. Specific pricing sets apart some oriental languages , African languages and some European languages from common linguistic pairs (English–French, German–Spanish, English–Italian, French–Portuguese…).

Specialty: highly specialized and field-specific texts (medical, marketing, legal, business documents, accounting, life science, etc.) and technical content (energy, oil, IT, food industry…) are supported by highly specialized translators. The rates charged vary according to the field of specialization, availability of professional linguists or even the niche in question (for example, Arabic certification translation or Arabic financial translation).

Urgency: significant price changes may be applied for the delivery time with a word volume ratio to translate exceeds 1,500/2,000 words per day. Surcharges also apply if the task includes overtime on weekends, public holidays, or evenings, a last-minute booking of an interpreter, the delivery of a translation in less than 24 hours.

Format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML files usually have no price impact. The processing of unwritten (audio and video recordings) or handwritten content, the translation from non-editable documents (PDF, JPG, AI…), the production and integration of subtitles or voice-over, DTP operations are subject to ad hoc pricing.

Options: specifications play a noticeable role in preparing the estimate, particularly if you want to benefit from services besides the translation of a text (proofreading by a third party, localization, dubbing, etc.). Depending on the case, additional services may be subject to dedicated pricing, a flat rate or a revaluation of the basic unit price.

Request a quote for our Arabic to English or English to Arabic translations services
Our translation agency is proud to deliver accurate, well-priced, quick Arabic translation services for your project – small or bulky, common or sophisticated, technical or scientific. We work with 520 native Arabic translators and have carried out 252 Arabic projects with over 3.207.000 words. If you are looking for Arabic to English or English to Arabic translators with expertise, then contact us and upload your document to our online system. Email or call us today for more detailed information! Working with Kalemaatt is time-saving, easy and cheap too!

The Arabic people and language overview
Well known for their important role in history, Arabs are the people (anthropologists say ‘an ethnic group’ and others say ‘a nation’), living in the territories stretching from Morocco to Mesopotamia, whose cradleland is Arabia, and who call themselves and by others by that name for a very long time, and who speak the Arabic language, one of the languages of the Semitic group. If we consider them as a nation, it is not a nation-state as we find in Western Europe. The Arabic speakers, the Arabs, are citizens of multiple states, only one of which bears the name Arabia, but with a qualifier (Saudi) that limits its scope. According to certain terminology, one should therefore consider the Arabs as a whole as forming a ‘nationality’. However, a powerful movement within them aspires to an Arab nation-state of the European type and asserts that it is a reconstitution of a past unity.

Arabic is a Hamito-Semitic or Afro-Asiatic language attested as early as the 7th century. It is part of the Semitic branch with Hebrew and Amharic in Ethiopia. Arabic owes its expansion to the spread of Islam, the dissemination of the Koran, and the military power of the Arabs from the 7th century. These three factors are so closely linked that it is difficult to separate them.The Arabic language comes in two main forms: dialectal Arabic and literary (or classical) Arabic. In other words, there is a wide variety of spoken Arabic, although there are at least 290 million Arabic native speakers in the world.

The Arab countries are grouped together today in a kind of federation called the Arab League, which was founded on March 22, 1945, in Alexandria, Egypt. The founding countries were Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Transjordan and Yemen (North). With the end of colonial rule, the Arab League expanded to 22 members: in addition to the founding members, there are Libya, North Sudan (former Sudan), Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Mauritania, Somalia, Djibouti and the Comoros, plus Palestine, which has been a full member since 1976. Although it expresses the unitary aspiration of the Arabs, the League has never been an instrument for implementing the Arabic language. Moreover, its statutes do not provide for efforts in this direction.

In the Middle East, Arabic, or rather one of its vernacular variants, is the mother tongue of the vast majority of the local population, totaling 129.2 million people. Either it is the language of 80% of the population or it is the language of almost the entire population. Arabic-speaking minorities are mostly bilingual and live in countries where Islam is the main religion; however, some immigrant populations live in Europe and North America. There are also nearly five million Arabic speakers from the Maghreb in Europe, mainly in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. As Europe limits immigration from the Maghreb, many Arabic speakers have chosen the United States and Canada as their new home.