Top 10 Free Football Streaming Sites Live Online

Free Football Streaming Sites

Free Football Streaming Sites: Football is, and continues to be, the most popular sport in the world. You can enjoy a good soccer match, through one of the football applications , from your mobile phone, on TV or through an online page, but which will be the best option. 

In this article we show you how to watch football online for free from different platforms. However, to be able to watch some football matches live, as a solution, it is necessary to pay for a certain channel or go out and watch it at the bar. If what you want is to enjoy watching the game sitting quietly, you will find in this article a compilation of the best free football streaming sites live online .

There may be many reasons that determine the need to watch football for free online, such as being on a trip and not having a television nearby. Also not having contracted a channel with paid football to watch football. The solution could be, in this case, to watch football online for free through an Internet streaming platform , and this because we all like to watch our football game and above all for free. Therefore, many people are looking for the best free football streaming sites to watch today’s football matches live online.

A list of free football streaming sites live online

1. Watch football on LiveTv.

You can’t always watch your football matches on TV. If this is the case, and you are looking for pages to watch football online, you will find information related to the subject on the following website. A P2P platform, on LiveTv you can watch football for free online, online matches without registering not only on your PC / computer, but you can download the application and enjoy it from your phone or tablet, apps.

2. MamaHd watch soccer online for free

Very good page when you want to watch football for free online. MamaHd uses a very famous streaming platform through which you can watch and enjoy soccer online , which shows live soccer matches and other sports such as baseball or basketball. MamaHd offers links to matches from the Liga BBVA, the Champions League and the English Premier League. Also on this page you can watch free soccer matches from many other countries, not just from Spain.

The web has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, the content is of quality, as is the transmission image. But there is a, but, it is not recommended to watch the most anticipated matches, such as Real Madrid vs Barcelona, ​​because it will more than likely collapse when many users enter and the image quality will decrease.

3. Bet365 Watch free football online

One of the most internationally recognized operators of online games, Bet365 also turns out to be a better option to watch soccer online for free, thanks to its good streaming service . Bet365 not only broadcasts if it does not have that advantage of being cheap and accessible, almost in all countries of the world.

Live images, is how the Bet365 platform names this service that allows you to enjoy the best live football, as well as many other sports. You can access the Live Images service, from live betting and select the event, among those that are available at the moment.

You will also like to know that they have a larger catalog of matches than the competition on a multi-platform service. In other words, users can access the Bet365 page from any device, be it a computer, tablet or phone. The Web, among others, stands out as a good option for football matches .

Users can also watch football for free online without cuts, from the available bet365 mobile application. The live streaming service through bet365 is available 365 days a year, whenever football matches are played anywhere in the world.

4. Soccer on TV 

It can also be one of the best pages to watch soccer for free online, if it agrees with what you are looking for. You decide. More football information on TV that is offered is gathered in this weekly TV schedule in which all the matches televised on both open and pay television channels are detailed.

In addition, in FutbolenlaTv in general, there are always channels where they usually broadcast soccer matches on TV such as beIN SPORTS, Canal+ Liga, Canal+ Fútbol, ​​La 1 de TVE, Teledeporte, Antena 3, Eurosport and many others.

5. SportsOnline 

It is very possible that you will worry for the first time when you see that the DeportesOnline page is in English, however, you will be able to watch your game with narration in Spanish or with subtitles. The portal allows you to watch other sports for free depending on the schedule, as is the case with American football, tennis, boxing, basketball, etc. The video quality is very good and the transmission too.

6. PirloTVhd 

P age to watch football for free, on this page you will find the games of the Santander League and the qualifiers for the Russia 2018 World Cup. Although it is not yet confirmed, it is very likely that the World Cup matches are also broadcast on this website.

In PirloTVhd not only football games are broadcast, so if there is not an interesting game you can enjoy another sport. Here you can also watch NBA games, EuroLeague Basketball, Formula 1 and also see the great Nadal in tennis. Can she be one of the best pages to watch football for free online ?

7. TarjetaRojaDirect soccer online for free

Another page to watch soccer for free online is tarjetarojadirect . Through this you can watch many live events, live football and you can also see the summary of the match that you have not been able to watch for some reason.

In tarjetarojadirect you will not only be able to watch football online but the page is dedicated to compiling videos with summaries of soccer matches. The best plays, everything interesting that can be extracted from a football game. On the page, you will exclusively find articles, videos regarding soccer, no other sports.

Ways to watch football for free over the Internet

We warn: The character of this and other articles is to inform readers. In no way or at any time do we want to encourage copyright infringement. Nothing can match the quality of the image and the comfort of watching a game in front of the TV at home, watching football for free online means suffering inconvenience, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Nowadays, watching soccer for free from home using your computer, PC, or through your Android device is quite simple, you only need a good connection (3 Mbps or higher) to the Internet.

Streaming : The web is responsible for playing the video live, for this you must have a browser installed on the computer / PC, or on the Android mobile or tablet that allows you to play flash. This system works better or worse depending on the number of people who are connected at the same time.

The best-known platforms are Soccer Live TV or LiveTV and the famous Rojadirecta (which you will also find in the Android and iOS App).

P2P TV : This network will allow the user to distribute the data without having to connect to a fixed server, which will make the broadcast much more stable. The most famous are: Sopcast, TVAnts and TVUPlayer, although this does not mean that they are the best

There are many streaming video-type live football distribution platforms. To watch soccer for free online through these videos it is necessary to have a browser that supports flash and wait a few seconds until part of the video is downloaded to your device, so you can watch soccer for free online. Streaming is the name for all of this and how well it works depends on the number of people connecting at the same time. Also to achieve the best possible image quality (it is necessary to have a bandwidth of 3 Mbps or higher).

There are also peer to peer (P2P) networks here TV P2P that allow you to send and receive data without the need for a fixed server. The PCs/computers that connect to this network work as servers and clients at the same time. Today, on the web, there are applications (Apps) to be able to closely follow both the live matches and the results of all the different leagues worldwide.

Although I would normally recommend RojaDirecta as one of the best pages to watch soccer for free online , I am not going to do so because, due to a court order that is pending appeal, RojaDirecta has to temporarily or permanently suspend its services for Spain.

From Spanish soccer with La Liga Santander, Mexican soccer in La Liga MX, English soccer with the Premier League and many more important leagues in the world. Choose your match and enjoy free live football online. One of the best pages to watch football for free on the Internet. Here you will find football matches live and free, without annoying ads or pop-ups with great streaming quality.

Additional free football streaming sites


DAZN (try one month free) is one of the game streaming platforms that has gained the most popularity in the last year thanks to its wide catalog of European and international matches. Among them, it stands out its good work to get the broadcast rights of the Premier League and have a team dedicated to carrying out segments and sections focused on the English league.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the Premier League in the best way, DAZN is the ideal platform for it. In addition, with DAZN you will be able to watch the best international competitions live with a free trial month. Among them, the Premier League, Copa América, Serie A, MotoGP and many other sports stand out, in addition to including the Eurosports 1 and 2 channel for a few months.

Fubo TV

FuboTV (7 days free trial) is one of the great alternatives to watch soccer online from any device that has Internet access. To do this, you can try the application for 7 days without obligation and enjoy the best sports, as well as other Movistar series.

This platform is one of the most versatile of all . Since, in addition to working in Spain in a good way, this service is also available in much of Latin America and North America . In this way, with FuboTV you will be able to enjoy a large number of club matches, national teams and more, all from the comfort of your mobile, tablet or computer.


Fanatiz (7 days free trial) is one of the platforms that offer sports streaming, bringing together a large list of sports channels. It operates in many countries, from the United States to Spain, passing through Mexico and Latin America . Competitions such as the Premier League, LaLiga, Champions League can be followed as European references, but there is more.

Fanatiz is the only medium licensed to broadcast the matches of the Argentine Super League via streaming. In this way, you will be able to see all the matches of Boca Juniors , River Plate , Racing or Independiente (among others) thanks to the Fanatiz service and its low costs.

In addition, they also have the licenses to broadcast the Peruvian, Uruguayan, Colombian League and much more! Therefore, Fanatiz is the best option to enjoy all South American football.

Currently, Fanatiz is one of the most used websites worldwide to enjoy all South American and European football . This, thanks to the great scope of their services and the low prices of their plans. However, as with all match broadcasting web pages, there is a major limitation that weakens sales year after year: the loss of broadcasting rights.

However, this has been offset by great coverage in the South American continent and at a European level. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a service that will guarantee hours of football entertainment, Fanatiz is the best option.

As we have mentioned, from this website you will be able to enjoy practically all the national championships in South America, among which the exclusive license for the transmission of the Argentine Super League on an international level stands out. Thanks to this you will be able to see all the matches of Boca Juniors, River Plate , San Lorenzo, Independiente, Racing, Lanús and all their matches in the Copa Libertadores or in the Copa Sudamericana for a small price included in their basic pack (7.99). .

Unfortunately, other factors that tend to limit visits or contracting of these services are linked to things like geographic location and IP limitations. Therefore, if you are interested in contracting the services of Fanatiz, it is essential that you know in which countries the main leagues in the world are available.

For this, we have prepared a graph where you can find all this information so that you can be sure that you will be able to watch the football you want in your country.

Watch Football Today

Watch Football Today is not a web platform from which you can watch matches online, but you can follow the news of all the teams in the world and their competitions with the best information, data and opinions. Therefore, you can use it as a guide to know which games to watch and where you can do it.

For this reason, we could define this website as a platform where you can follow all the matches of the main international competitions, find out the schedules and where to watch all the games online. To do this, you can filter by competition or team and know both the games of the day and the rest of the week.

Movistar Football

Movistar Fútbol is one of the first options because it is one of the most complete. You can hire different packs depending on your needs: FUSION Selection 100mb, FUSION Selection 600mb 2 and FUSION Total.

Once we have chosen one of these options, we will be able to access the different channels that the platform has: Champions League, El Partidazo and much more. Enjoy the best football live without having to do it from the TV.

From Movistar + and its app you can enjoy a large number of exclusive matches and the best of the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League and other international leagues In this way, you will be able to enjoy all the content that Movistar offers you thanks to its transmission licenses wherever you are.

On the official Movistar Plus website you will find more information about football packs and other sports.

Orange TV

On Orange TV you can enjoy a wide selection of content focused on football in high definition and with fairly good sound quality. It has specific channels to follow matches in the main European leagues ( LaLiga Santander, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League…).

Similarly, Orange TV has a large number of plans that will allow you to enter its online platform to enjoy all the matches of the best club competitions in the world. Thus, you will be able to watch all the football that Orange offers you from any mobile, tablet or computer with a constant internet connection.

In general, the prices of this service vary depending on whether you are a customer or not. Therefore, you must estimate an expense of approximately 50 or 60 euros per month for the complete service that will also guarantee fiber optics and TV and Mobile services.

Mitele Plus

Mitele Plus came as a new alternative to follow online football from the main competitions: LaLiga, Champions League and Europa League. In this way, Mediaset fully immersed itself in the world of online football, coming to present a transmission offer for various competitions at the best price.

Unfortunately, for the 2021/2022 season , the transmission of matches in this medium has been suspended. However, it is expected that they may return at some point in the near future, re-offering their Mitele Plus LaLiga, Mitele Plus Champions League or Mitele Plus Fútbol Total plans , from where we could enjoy the best football at quite affordable prices.   

However, beyond the limitations of Mitele Plus, it is important that we highlight everything that this platform has ever offered so that when they come back ( if it ever happens ) you can have a basic notion of their plans.

Among all that Mitele Plus offers you, we can find a full transmission of LaLiga, La Liga SmartBank , the UEFA Champions League , the UEFA Europa League and the European Super Cup .

In this article, we talked about the best free football streaming sites to watch matches live online. We have made it easier for our visitors to find their favourite free football streaming sites.