100+ Free Kahoot Accounts 2024

Free Kahoot Accounts

Do you want to create a Kahoot and don’t know how? Without a doubt, in recent years, Kahoot has become one of the most popular online tools for having fun with questions and answers, whether it be in educational environments, in companies, or even to spend time with the family. 

The wide range of questions, answers, number of users, themes, etc., allow many to use this tool to study, review with students, hold contests, carry out group dynamics in companies, meet co-workers, etc. , all with a very visual aspect, extremely simple dynamics and, above all, quite fun for participants of any age.

In this article, we show you in detail and step by step, how to create a Kahoot account, how to create a free Kahoot step by step in 2022 with your questions, answers, images, videos, etc., and what you will see in a game real.

Free Kahoot Premium Accounts

Free Kahoot premium accounts (360, AccessPass, Max, etc.)

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Steps to follow to create a Kahoot

1. Registration

To get started, you will need to register with an email and a password , give your date of birth, choose a username and add a photo to your profile (totally optional). In addition, you must choose what type of use you are going to give it: as a teacher, student, for personal use or for professional use.

2. Types of accounts

After this, to finish opening your Kahoot account and start creating the Kahoots themselves, you have to choose between one of the 4 different types of accounts :

  • Basic Kahoot Account: Allows Kahoots with multiple questions and true and false to a maximum of 10 players. Totally free.
  • Kahoot Plus Account: Allows games for up to 20 players and includes more game options and questions than the basic mode. The price of Kahoot Plus is €4 per month (annual subscription) or €6 per month (monthly subscription).
  • Kahoot Pro Account: Includes all existing Kahoot elements and allows games for up to 50 players. The price is €20 per month (annual subscription).
  • Kahoot 360 Pro Account: This account is ideal for companies, where you can keep track of the participants, make incredible presentations and even play games with up to 2,000 players. Its cost is €60 per month (annual subscription).

Once you have chosen the type of account, you will see the following desktop : You can find Kahoot news, tips, help guides , the Kahoots you have created, the plan or account you have in Kahoot, your interests, tutorials, etc. In addition, in the top menu, you will find several important points: Discover , Kahoots (where you will find your own, played or saved Kahoots), Reports (with live games, challenges, etc.), Share (where you can share your own Kahoots) and Create (where you should go when creating a Kahoot).

In Discover , you can find all (public) Kahoots that have been created by the Kahoot company itself or by other users. It also includes a search engine so you can quickly search for a Kahoot suitable for your interests, language, etc.

3. Start creating a kahoot

When creating a Kahoot, you will start with an empty multiple choice question with the following layout. You must write the question , in the center you must include an image (your own or from the Kahoot library) or youtube video link (this is totally optional). Below, you have the option of writing up to 4 answers to that question (minimum 2 answers per question), and more than one may be the correct answer. The answers can be written or with pictures.

On the left of the image, you will find the time limit for each question , to choose between 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 240 seconds. Below, you can change the points that this question gives , from zero to 2,000 points in total. And further down, you can select the response mode : That only one answer is allowed and that this cannot be changed, or that the players can change their answer whenever they are within time.

In the case of the True and False questions (also available in the free version), the question production is exactly the same, except that: there are only two answers and only one of them is correct, plus the players do not they can change their answer.

If you want to opt for more types of questions , you must have a superior account . If you have one of them, you can include questions in the game with:

  • Open-ended: Players have to write the answer.
  • Puzzle: Participants must place the answers in the correct order.
  • Poll : To carry out surveys. Ideal to see opinions, likes, etc.
  • Word cloud: Very useful for brainstorming.
  • Slide : Allows presentations, explanations, etc.

Once you have finished your Kahoot, you must click “Done” to save and from that moment on, you can share it and start the game whenever you want. To start, go to the section where your Kahoots are located and select the one you want to play with. (In our case, we will select a small kahoot of 3 math questions to see as an example). When selected, the following will appear:

4. Review your questions and choose the type of game

Here, you see all the questions that the Kahoot has and you have the possibility to edit it beforehand, if necessary. Hit Play if you want to proceed to start the game. When you press Play, you must decide between “Host” if the game will be played live (the most popular), either in person or in a video call, or “Challenge” if it will be a game in which everyone will play at their own pace and schedule.

how to create a kahoot 9

This is the screen that you will find when you choose Host mode, live game. You can select the Classic Mode , in which everyone will play with their device and individually, or the Team Mode , in which they will play in teams with shared devices.

In addition, you will also find a menu of game options , in which you can change the background music, that the questions and answers are ordered randomly or as you have created exactly, the possibility of joining the game in the middle of a game , the passage from one question to another automatically, etc.

5. Share the kahoot with the players

Whether you select the classic or team game mode, you will find a screen like the following, in which the PIN number that players must enter into their devices appears.

Players should open the https://kahoot.it/ page , where they will be asked to enter said PIN. Subsequently, they will be asked to write their name or a nickname and from that moment, they will be in the game.

Once all players have completed this simple little process, the screen will list all player names and you can hit START.

The questions will be seen on the main screen in this way, each answer appearing with a certain color. On the screens of the players, the answers do not appear, but the colors, so they must quickly read the answers on the screen and answer with the appropriate color.

This will be what each player will see on their screen , having to decide on one of the colors . Immediately upon answering, it will show whether you have answered correctly and incorrectly, and the points you get (points vary depending on who answers correctly and fastest).

how to create a kahoot 15

Once the time for said question is up, the main screen will show which was the correct answer, how many have been correct and how many have not, knowing how many people have responded to each of the answers.

5. Check the ranking

In addition, after each question a Ranking appears , ordered by the points that the players have obtained up to that moment. 

Finally, after the last question, a Podium will appear, with the first three players and the points that each of them have obtained.