Translation Services in the USA and Canada

ترجمة فرنسي عربي

Are you trying to translate a text, an article, or a video from English into Arabic or vice versa? Don’t you have the language skills or the time to do the translation yourself? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. We at Kalemaatt save you time and effort. Our Arabic-English translation services in the USA and Canada aim to provide quality translations in different fields. In addition, we offer the best solutions to your problems that meet your needs requirements. Our prices are highly competitive, so get in touch soon and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Kalemaatt is a certified provider of Arabic-English translation services in areas of education, health, media, among others.

Types of translation in the USA and Canada that we offer:

  • Document translation: this type of translation includes different documents whether legal, educational, or health documents.
  • Website translation: this process helps businesses attract global customers by making their website accessible to people speaking different languages.
  • Website localization: this process goes hand in hand with website translation. It is highly important when you have a very specific audience in mind.
  • Video translation and subtitling: creating videos in several languages is a good strategy for businesses that want to go global by attracting customers from various geographical areas across the world.
  • Literary translation: it includes translating several types of literary genres such as novels, short, stories, poetry, biographies, autobiographies, among others. This kind of translation is considered to be one of the most challenging tasks as it requires a profound understanding of the cultural and psychological aspects of a certain text in the source language before translating it into the target language.
  • Media translation: this is found most commonly in areas of broadcasting, news articles, human rights reports, and politics.
  • Scientific translation: this process includes translating scientific papers, presentations, and research papers. Kalemaat offers the best translation services in the USA and Canada.