Advertising Market in the Middle East and North Africa

Middle East Map

Kalemaatt is an online marketing agency that specializes in market research with an exclusive and geographic focus on the Middle East and North Africa. We help producers, marketers, investors understand the nature of the Arab market in terms of consumption patterns, consumer behavior, and prospects of success in a new market that is largely different from the Western markets in Europe and the United States. We highly recommend that a number of marketing, cultural, and linguistic factors be taken into consideration before starting a marketing campaign in the Middle East. Such factors are crucial in the success of any product.

 for many years, the main advertising methods used in the Middle East have been TV and print advertisements. They dominated the advertising market using traditional means such as newspapers, radios, TVs, and street ad signs. Less than five years ago, and specifically in 2015, the total ad spending in the Arab region was estimated at about 5.5 billion USD. At a time when the global technology capital “Silicon Valley” is reaping the profits of the advertising market at the international level, regional players in the MENA region are still progressing slowly in this field. Despite the enormous changes that the wold is witnessing at the moment, especially in the fields of technology and globalism, the share of the digital advertising sector has hardly exceeded the 10% barrier, while the print ad market maintained its dominance at around 35% of the total share.