Online Marketing in the Middle East

online marketing

Our online marketing agency offers online marketing services to clients who try to increase their visibility in the Middle East and North Africa. Our work is characterized by being aware of the special ways in which Arab consumption and shopping behavior in the Arab region function. To achieve this goal, our online and digital marketing specialists make use of their expertise to deliver the best results within a short period of time.

We develop and execute online marketing and merchandise initiatives to drive revenue and profitability, acquire new customers, strengthen retention rates and grow customers’ lifetime values, all while improving the overall customer experience. Our agency establishes and monitors KPIs to increase promotions revenue and profits. We manage the day-to-day search marketing activities including planning and implementing paid search campaigns that incorporate budget management, performance analysis and optimization. Our digital marketing plans include the following services.

Importance of Being in the Top 10 on search Result Page

Capturing ONLY 1% of that traffic of searches and turning it into new clients, it means potentially hundred of new clients in the worst case scenario. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the proper use of a wide range of tools including Keyword Research, On Page Optimization and Back Linking to help your website rank on the top page on Google. Only if you maintain your website properly, would you be able to maintain it on the top page rank on the search engine. This is a continuous process of optimizing the site so as to remain ahead of the competition. Being on the first page of the Google search engine results helps generate great benefits for your business activity on the internet and increase your brand image and visibility.